• About Us


    "Our goal at GRASSHOPPER LAWN CARE is to provide our customers with quality lawn care and landscaping, unparalleled by anyone in the lawn care business. With over 15 years in this business, we subscribe to the following principles: honesty, integrity and the ability to work with our valued customers. We will strive to provide the customer with knowledgeable and well trained lawn care providers and a most willing customer staff, ready to make a commitment to customers for all lawn care needs."


    Designing a lawn care schedule that fulfills your needs and achieves your goals, deciding the type of lawn care needs that best fit your cost requirements, determining what additional components are needed and how to acquire them - even with all your questions answered, you must find a reliable lawn care firm, one with the know-how and track record to complete your job to your liking on budget and of highest quality. With so much to do and so much at stake, it makes sense to secure a single source for your entire project, start to finish. GRASSHOPPER LAWN CARE is the single source for your lawn care needs.